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Change and Courage: Releasing all I was not to become who I was meant to be

Georgette Damian-Lopez, CEO & Founder of Knowledge from the Heart

As far back as I can remember, I always had a keen intellectual curiosity. While most kids spent recess playing tag and swinging on the swing set, I could usually be found in the school library with my nose buried in a book. Reading became even more important to me as my parents’ marriage began to deteriorate. At just eight years old, I figured out that I could lose myself between the pages and not feel the pain of listening to their arguments behind their bedroom door. The fighting became so frequent that my father finally packed his things and moved out of the house. For a while I saw him every other weekend, then the visits stopped altogether, and he disappeared from our lives. I haven’t seen him since.

I never realized how much growing up without a father figure had affected my life until I was in my thirties and consciously started analyzing my patterns and my reason for doing things; in other words, why I was the way I was. And I say was, because thanks to the healing and growth journey I have undergone I barely recognize that hurt young girl or the driven, hard-working, ambitious (almost cold at times) woman she became.

Taking the traditional route to “success”

In early 2013, I received the acceptance letter to the MBA program at one of the best universities in Canada. I said goodbye to my mom, to my family, and to everything familiar in search of the bright future I was convinced awaited me in the Great White North. Instead, the next two years would be the most tiring and stressful of my life. I resonated with neither the rhythm of the studies nor the demands, but as always, I ignored my feelings and pushed through. In 2015, I was thrilled when received my degree; however, my victory would turn out to be bittersweet, since my internship didn’t turn into the full-time job I’d expected. Instead, I spent my days recovering mentally, physically and spiritually from those excruciating years. I didn’t know it back then, but this self-care and soul-searching period planted the seeds of the spiritual awakening I would go through three years later.

When I was offered a dream job as a financial analyst at Cirque du Soleil, I truly believed I had been rescued. At that point I had been unemployed for six months and desperately needed the money; I also wanted to believe that I was finally walking my true path.

You cannot silence your inner self

The first two and a half years with the company were great, but deep down I knew I was meant to do something even greater. I kept telling myself that in contributing to the creation of these incredible shows I was helping people forget about their problems, even if only for a couple of hours. However, it was hard to connect to that sentiment while chained to a desk and staring at an Excel spreadsheet for eight or more hours each day. I was also under constant pressure to demonstrate improved performance at each quarterly review, even though my salary remained the same. I became resentful, but I was too afraid to move. I didn’t believe I would be able to find a job good as this one, at least not one that would pay me a higher salary. Deep down, I still felt that someone else could do a better job than me. I felt replaceable.

My breaking point came in July 2018, one month before my thirty-fifth birthday. I had been working overtime for most of the summer, and it saddened me to be spending those warm sunny days in a cubicle, especially since it’s a very short season in Canada.  My consolation prize was to go to my favorite restaurants and overindulge in food and wine. It seemed like a harmless vice, until the night ended up in the hospital with severe pain on the left side of my abdomen. I was told I had diverticulitis, and if my body didn’t respond to antibiotics, I would need surgery to remove part of my intestine.

This episode shocked me to the core, as apart from those late-night overindulgences I considered myself to be a health-conscious person, following a balanced diet and practicing yoga regularly. Clearly, uncovering the root of my illness required deeper reflection. “Why did I get sick?” I asked myself, “How did I get myself into this situation?” As I went deep down the rabbit hole, I realized I had overeaten in an attempt to squash the unhappiness and dissatisfaction I’d been feeling for some time. The next questions were, “What am I supposed to do now? Throw everything overboard?”  I’d worked so hard for all of this, yet here I was, unhealthy and unhappy. This was not what I’d envisioned when I came to Canada, but, like I said, any subconscious patterns that you don’t address and heal will follow you to the ends of the earth!

Paving the road to success – this time on my terms

The time for me to face myself had finally come. I acknowledged that there were some deep wounds that needed to be healed before I could realize who I truly was and what I really wanted. As I had in my childhood, I turned to books and other resources for answers. It was in reading about spiritual and metaphysical subjects that I discovered energy healing, including one of the modalities that I now work with in my energy healing and coaching practice, The Emotion Code.

My intuition also guided me to do a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual detox. I did a ten-day Ayurvedic detox that reset my digestive system and cleared my skin. I began a meditation practice that helped reduce my chronic stress and anxiety, and regularly journaled about my feelings and what was really going on inside my heart. It was on these pages that I set an intention to find my life’s true purpose. Last but certainly not least, I started working with an Emotion Code practitioner on a regular basis. All of these new habits were truly life changing.

It soon became clear that my mission and duty was to share this modality with the world so that they too could experience the incredible joy and lightness I was discovering. If I had undergone trauma that influenced my every decision, I could only imagine how many others were suffering in silence and without any idea as to why their lives were spiraling downward. I realized how badly I wanted to   make a difference in the world, and that to do this I would have to leave my corporate job and pursue the entrepreneurial road and become an energy healer myself.

As I continued to work with the Emotion Code and of a couple of mentors and coaches, everything began to fall into place. I was able to leave the corporate life in less than six months; I came up with the name of my energy healing practice during meditation; and I designed my logo during thirty minutes of free time at work! I even built my own website without any web design experience. In the meantime, I continued working toward my Emotion Code certification, which required me to put in a certain number of practice hours. I worked on volunteers and started seeing results right away. My confidence soared, and I knew I would be able to start walking the entrepreneurial path as an energy healer and life coach. I was no longer dependent of an external source (in this case, my corporate job) for money, since I knew deep within that I could make it happen and be successful on my own as long as I remained in alignment with my soul’s mission.

Look within, you’ll find the answers you seek

As I conclude my first full year of practice, I often pause to reflect on all the incredible things I have learned. The most important of these is that if we have the courage to look within, ferret out and overcome self-limitations, and listen to our heart’s wisdom, the Universe will support us all the way! This is often challenging, but as I stand here on the other side of my inner journey, I can promise you that the rewards are well worth it.

About Georgette Damian Lopez

CEO & Founder of Knowledge from the Heart

Georgette’s journey into the healing arts began in an unlikely place: her financial analyst’s desk at Cirque du Soleil. Despite following the accepted formula for success by getting her master’s degree and entering the corporate world, she felt lost and unfulfilled. This longing, and a series of serendipitous events, led her to her current passion as a meditation guide, energy healer, psychic and spiritual life coach. As a certified Emotion Code practitioner, Georgette helps clients release trapped emotions and connect with their ability to create health, happiness and abundance. Her holistic approach also includes chakra healing, intuitive tarot readings and fear reprogramming to assist clients in gaining deeper insights into their internal lives.

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