BrandYOU ! – Positioning Yourself as a Buyer in the Market™


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December 14, 2021 3:58 pm - 12:00 am

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Learn to shift your mindset from seeing yourself as a product to seeing your potential as a buyer. Far too often job seekers position themselves as a product where recruiters get to weigh the pros and cons of hiring them. This leads to a sense of disempowerment, and poor decision-making. When you learn how to position yourself as a buyer of the position for hire, you are more effective at communicating your capabilities, skills and competencies. In this program, we show you how to shift mindset from product to buyer, and teach you how identify, articulate, and transfer your skills from one area to many other areas of work. Being marketable is all about knowing how to create a unique position in the recruiter’s mind; thereby, creating a lasting impression. Moreover, it leads to a win-win outcome as the “Fit” between you and the new position can be more effectively discerned.


  • Mindfulness Approach Become aware of your skills, competencies and strengths and learn how to make them work for you across different jobs and organizations
  • Alignment of the Brand “YOU” as Buyer Craft a coherent message that communicates clearly who you are across all social media platforms (social media profile, blog, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.) as well as other medias (resume presentation) and interviews
  • Experiential Approach Experience mock interviews and receive feedback from experienced credential coaches, psychologists in training and licensed psychologist



Participants will learn how to:

  • Speak as a buyer instead of a brand in their interviews by learning the art of asking powerful questions.
  • Render explicit their competencies, skills and knowledge from work experiences in a manner that speaks to targeted audiences
  • Understand which competencies and skills to highlight in regard to different positions and corporations
  • Hold purposeful conversations that convey who they are and what they seek to accomplish in a clear and concise manner
  • Leverage different social media platforms, in addition to resume presentation and traditional interviews



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