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Mindfulness at Work, Mindfulness Presence

MindfulnessDid you know that Papillon MDC has been using mindfulness practices grounded in science since its creation in 2010? Mindfulness is more than a fad.  It is a way of life. It cannot be taught in one course nor can it genuinely be lived when the only purpose for learning is to drive profits. Mindfulness takes years of practice and personal commitment to acceptance of self and others. Clients who have experienced our programs can attest to how their focus on what matters most in their lives sharpened to give them direction and purpose. We don’t preach mindfulness: We feel that being great coaches as well as insightful psychologists requires a coming together of mindfulness and effectiveness. When we are mindful of how we deliver our services, we are being effective. By being effective, we keep a fierce attention on what is occurring in the moment. We are therefore mindful of our effectiveness. Papillon MDC Inc. is based on this principle. Learn more about who we are and what clients are saying about our work.

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