Benin 2014: Young Leaders Make a Difference

Papillon MDC Inc. the “Greatest Sponsor” of Benin 2014: The Power of Books

We, at Papillon MDC Inc., have had the privilege of financially supporting the work of five incredible young leaders who are inspiring in their own right, and who motivated us to push the boundaries of our own potential and to work toward giving more. In the fall of 2013, we were deeply touched by a group of young leaders (ages range from 14 to 16) who had made the decision to organize a humanitarian project in Benin, Africa for January 2014. Their mission was to build a community library in Sô-Ava, a 100 000 people lakeside village near Cotonou, and bring with them a minimum of 6000 books. Papillon MDC Inc. was thrilled to contribute to this generous act of kindness.

The project consisted of developing a library in the lakeside community of Sô-Ava, in Benin (West Africa). Today, it is only library of the area, and we hope it will greatly facilitate access to information and to education, as students will be much more motivated to work with valid sources.

We were honored with the announcement of a library room having our Corporate name.
The team has also developed several other aspects around this central idea. For more information, visit or

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