Dr. Mirella De Civita Reminds Women That « You Are Enough » in Recent The She-Ecosystem Interview – November 3, 2017

Dr. Mirella De Civita was recently interviewed by Ms. Iris Fisher, Founder of The She-Ecosystem, a platform to promote and advocate for diversity in the workplace and in society. Part of the She-Entrepreneur segment of the platform, Dr. De Civita speaks about her entrepreneurial path, the founding of her two companies, Papillon MDC and Grand Heron International, and the lessons learned throughout her journey. In the interview, she shares her business insights, that is, that doing good in the world does not have to come at the expense of profit and how being a pioneer in uncovering new services for new markets has been her way to avoid competing in a saturated market. Her advice: always be kind, lead your life with purpose and never forget that you are enough. To read the full article click here.

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