Dr. Mirella De Civita Talks Career, Choices and Getting Unstuck on Unique Careers, Unique Lives Podcast

Dr. Mirella De Civita has recently been interviewed by Isil Uysal Calvelli on the Unique Careers, Unique Lives podcast. In their exchange, Dr. De Civita shared her personal story that led to her career while sharing useful insight to anyone who may be feeling stuck. She introduces the notion of career prototyping where you don’t limit your choices (there’s always more than what you think) using ALL your skills, and not just the ones you have acquired for your work. With this mindset, met with paying attention to your self-dialogue and purposely getting out of your comfort zone, you can see tremendous changes in your life.

“…every action we take based on our beliefs is watering a seed. Become aware of which seed you are watering. When you stop yourself from taking action, asking a question, talking with people you are watering the seed of doubt and fear. What would you like to water instead? And what should you be doing for that?”Mirella De Civita

Listen to the full interview by clicking on the play button above, or at the link below:


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