“Purpose without action is ineffective at best, useless at worst.”

Dr. Mirella De Civita, President of Papillon MDC

At Papillon MDC Inc., purpose is the driving force behind everything we do. Our purpose is to transform lives, whether it’s within an office tower or in a community in Africa.

That is why we have designed a series of four Lunch & Learn sessions for us to share with you our knowledge on various work-related topics that impact leadership and wellbeing. Come and join us to one or all sessions. See this time as an opportunity for you to learn with other colleagues and at the same time contribute to a project that is closely tied to our purpose.

Grab a bite as lunch is served, learn something new, and pay it forward.

NOTE: The event will run with a minimum of 10 leaders. In case of cancelation, you will be contacted. Therefore, please leave your correct phone number and email address when reserving your seat.Click on the button to find out what sessions are planned in the near future and reserve your seat.

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