Executive Sounding Board™

The Executive Sounding Board Program™ is designed to support leaders in their decision-making process. Leaders who have experienced the benefits of a coaching program, appreciate having access to their coaches on a needs basis. Often such leaders will tend to reach out to their coaches for support during challenging work-related situations. The coach’s role is to provide the structure and function to the coaching conversation; thereby, allowing the leader to arrive at his/her own decisions and conclusions. The program also enables coaches to partner with the leader in co-creating different solutions by either providing the leader with interesting and relevant information to consider or offering suggestions in a manner that enables the leader to contemplate and reflect on the whole prior to making his/her decision.

Target audience: Executives who have already experienced a coaching program, and desire to have access to a coach on a needs basis. A specific number of hours is assigned at the start of the program.

Goal: By having access to his/her coach on a needs basis, the leader creates opportunities to discuss, reflect, and to engage in a constructive dialogue around what he/she needs to accomplish in relation to his/her leadership position.

Benefits: Depending on how the sessions are leveraged, the leader can expect to broaden his/her perspective of challenges and personal impact; continue to sharpen his/her abilities and skills in relation to managing leadership challenges effectively; and strengthen his/her accountability to the leadership role within the organization.

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