Invited Keynote Speaker at the Women Leadership Forum, Pratt & Whitney Canada, January 2010

The organizers of the Women Leadership Forum wanted audience members to learn about the role of mentoring in developing future talent. Mirella was asked to share her views through her personal journey, and how she came to appreciate the role of mentoring in her own lives. Weaving together personal and professional experience, Mirella illustrated how the coming together of presence and self-acceptance can be important elements in propelling oneself forward. She used poetry from some of her favorite poets to underscore the making of extraordinary presence. Here’s an excerpt from the talk: Extraordinary presence begins by knowing what you are made of. How you use words to describe yourself and others gives shape to who you are. As a mentor and executive coach, I use three skills to bring awareness to the conversation. To learn more about her talk entitled: : Extraordinary Presence, please contact us.

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