Optimizing Accountability in Self, Others and Teams™


Provide knowledge and skills on how to drive personal and collective accountability in a manner that leads to effective decision-making and ensures team alignment toward organizational viability.


  • Psychology of Leadership

Managers are encouraged to work on their own and in dyads to: (1) Develop skills ineffective decision-making and moving past resistance to align with team goals; and (2)Shift their mindset from problem-solving to noticing opportunities for continued learning.

  • Maximize and Sustain Learning

Leaders engage in interactive activities, share personal challenges and moments of insights, as well as co-participate in modifying the program content to facilitate the up take of new knowledge. Psychometric assessments are incorporated at the start of each module to determine baseline scores for targeted leadership skills. Each module ends with assigned homework completed in dyads, which also forms the basis for the next module.


Leaders will learn to:

  • Hold positive conversations that drive performance and encourage people to think broadly.
  • Influence the decision-making process and endorse with confidence their decisions as well as those made by others.
  • Align ideas, perspectives, and intentions to reap the benefits of teamwork.
  • Hold their position in the face of resistance by demonstrating respectful attitudes.
  • Present in a positive manner unsettling issues and address them with confidence.


Module 1: Purposeful Conversations

  • Learn to hold a positive conversation in line with a specific intent that generates ownership of actions and decisions in others.
  • Learn to work with basic assumptions that color conversation patterns; thereby, influencing one’s mindset.

Module 2: Enhancing Decision-Making

  • Appreciate the decision-making matrix that informs when one makes decision, when one influences decisions, and when one executes decisions made by others.
  • Leverage tools to develop and facilitate an effective decision-making process.

Module 3: Mindfulness with Team Leadership Behaviors

  • Learn how to engage, motivate, and inspire members to contribute and own their team goals, vision, and outcomes.
  • Drive team alignment as well as foster a culture of learning and attentiveness to others.

Module 4: Moving Toward Respect in Conversations

  • Appreciate and develop receptivity, relatedness and attention to opposing views and difficult decisions.
  • Learn to hold position in face of opposition in a respectful manner.

The program can be delivered either as one or as separate Modules. The Modules are interchangeable, with a Master Development Plan that enables participants to map their learning process.

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