Papillon MDC Proud to Attend Umalia’s 5-year Anniversary

On October 5, 2017, Umalia, an organization that helps businesses realize the tremendous potential of their commitment to social responsibility, celebrated its 5-year anniversary. Mirella De Civita, President of Papillon MDC Inc. had the pleasure of attending the event while also taking the floor, addressing the important strategic work Umalia does with business leaders as they look for true purpose that goes beyond corporate growth.

To mark this anniversary, a dinner was organized among 20 guests from business, academia and civil society to dialogue around the theme of corporate societal engagement and sustainable development. Lucie Bouregois, President of Umalia was joined by Neil Gaught of England, author of the book “CORE, How a single organizing idea can change business for good”. Neil is currently conducting a world tour participating in discussions in 15 countries on how businesses can make a social environmental difference. Mirella was among the guests, and shared how Papillon MDC has successfully married social giving with corporate purpose since 2012.

Click here for more information about the event

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