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Purpose: Why it Matters

PurposeIt no longer seems profitable to speak about “Purpose”. Leaders today are reluctant to ask themselves what is the purpose of their work and more broadly, their organization. Speaking about “Purpose” means we are not business-like. Be it resolved that “Purpose” does matter to the financial well-being of any corporation, regardless of size or geographical location. Most notably, it inspires people to bring forth the very best they have to offer as professionals, colleagues, and leaders in their own right. This means they are not JUST DOING THE JOB. They are bringing with them everything they possess in terms of talents and gifts to their positions and teams. A sense of purpose also gives meaning to work: Mistakes are seen as opportunities for learning; failed attempts are encountered with curiosity for discovering better ways, and disappointments are perceived as part of the process of achieving. Leaders are inspired to work together to overcome challenges and defeats as well as turn corners together to move in the same direction. Without a sense of purpose, leaders are left to drive themselves forward, and in all cases, forging ahead in different directions. This results in time wasted in course-correcting plans and revisiting corporate strategies. When leaders are too busy trying to put things back on track, they are not noticing great opportunities for personal and organizational growth. To define and cultivate “Purpose”, you must be willing to make the space necessary to engage in a dialogue that aims to answer: “Why does the work we do matter? and How do we do the work that matters?” The final word goes to Sarah-Nicole, a 13-year old student (AKA “The Rainbow-Maker”) who seems to have arrived at her own definition of Purpose as being all-encompassing and moving beyond the self: I’m not perfect. You aren’t either…. So let’s all make mistakes…. So we can learn something out of it… and get closer to Being our perfect self. Learn how you can create a sense of “Purpose” within your organization by allowing us to show you the way forward. Read on about our Purpose and why we care so much that you succeed.

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