Enza Cignarella

Enza has always been curious about leadership and human potential, both hers and that of others.  With experience in several global multinationals in the life sciences sector both in Canada and in Europe, she has lived first hand the common transitions of leadership.  These include the leadership transitions from individual contributor to leader of people, leader of enterprise and leader of self. Her experience has been built across varied business contexts including organic business growth, mergers and acquisitions and enterprise transformations.  With a penchant for quickly distilling and synthesizing information and concepts, Enza is well known for her ability to connect strategy, people and action.  She is also experienced in adult learning, having managed training and development departments and having designed and delivered university level courses.  An agile learner, she has cultivated a reputation for building high performing teams, leading change and innovation both at the individual and enterprise levels.

With reverence for the trust the client has given her, Enza is described as an intuitive coach with a strong ability to quickly grasp the essence of the coaching conversation and reflect it back.  Because of her broad professional experiences and relentless curiosity, Enza often has diverse ways of viewing a situation and works with her clients to explore new perspectives and possibilities.   A firm believer in the principles of positive psychology and the power of words and language in creating realities, her coaching usually leaves clients with augmented self-awareness and renewed alignment with their value systems.  With an easygoing conversational style, humor and compassion, her clients have achieved breakthrough thinking and activated the plans they committed to in the coaching conversations.


  • Masters in Business Administration (MBA) (McGill University)
  • Certificate in Professional and Personal Coaching (PPCC) (Concordia University Centre for Human Relations and Community Studies)
  • Certificate in Coaching Essentials: The Leader As Coach Practitioner (The Coaching Academy for Leaders)
  • High Performing Team Practitioner (Sokrates Partners LLC)
  • Leadership Development Program graduate of the Centre for Creative Leadership as well as Queens University School of Industrial Relations.  

Enza is based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.


Associate Executive Coach and Facilitator in Leadership Development


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