It was my honor to meet Mirella when I underwent an individual psychometric assessment followed by a debrief with our CEO as a part of a standard induction process for incoming senior executives. The process was illuminating and highly productive in improving me as a leader and in fine tuning our executive team’s interaction. For our global company I found the virtual approach leveraging online testing and video teleconferencing to be an ideal answer to scheduling and time zone complexities while maintaining high quality interactions.
It should be noted that Mirella has an uncanny capacity to understand us and dissect from our essence what is and what is not working. Likewise, she is highly skillful and creative in suggesting approaches for improvement. I found it a truly unique approach vs the typical, popular teaming and coaching methods I’ve experience in past positions. It is always a pleasure to meet and work with someone like Mirella who is truly exceptional at what they do. For me it was has been a memorable experience which continues to yield benefits.

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