I had the opportunity to experience a Papillon MDC leadership program for 7 months with Stefano as the lead facilitator/coach. It was an honor to participate in the program. He was focused on your growth as a person, and as a leader, and ultimately, on how this can impact better team engagement and results. He helped me have hard conversations with myself as well as difficult conversations with the members of my team. During our sessions, we put a plan together for improving as leaders, and then as time progressed, we reviewed what was working and wasn’t working as well, along with the adjustments that we needed to implement to improve. Also during the workshops, he presented case studies and even a few parables. The one story that stuck with me, was the indigenous story of the 2 wolves; I continually think of this one as a reminder on both a professional level as well in my personal life. His group coaching sessions helped me to take the hard decisions, and today, I continue to use the learning and insights.  I am sure that I will continue growing as a leader and thank you Stefano & the Papillon team for all your time and support. If you have the opportunity to work with Stefano as your development facilitator or coach, do not hesitate, he is great! A sincere thank you to Mirella as well, Stefano and Mirella made such a great team in Melbourne!

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