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Executive, CBC/Radio-Canada

This testimony is a little tardy, but better late than never. I’ve had at least a couple of opportunities to participate in Papillon MDC’s workshops led by Stefano Di Lollo. His energy, enthusiasm, thought-provoking content, and creativity, make any corporate event or ‘leadership summit’ a valuable learning experience.

T.S., VP, Customer Programs, Aerospace

My team engaged Mirella through Zoom Webinar during lockdown. Mirella’s engagement with the team was critical to the success of our overall event and in this challenging context. She engaged us with insights, spurring both introspection and conversation amongst my leaders. In our case the theme which ran across was an installing growth mindset within ourselves, our peers, and teams. It was exactly the time of “nutrients” we needed in the moment and driving our path forward. Top scores from my team and lives on!

Head of People and Culture, Retail Industry

We have had the absolute pleasure of having Mirella De Civita as a Keynote Speaker at our Leadership Forum in December 2020. Mirella is very engaging in her approach and truly inspiring with her words. Her passion for her work and her compassion for people is evidenced in all that she does. She is an “out of the box thinker” and encourages everyone to follow her along her journey and to step out of their comfort zone and gain a different perspective. All who participated in the Leadership Forum were truly impressed by Mirella and all that she had to share with us… it is always so amazing to learn and grow with Mirella!

Human Resources Manager, Finance & Tech

Dr. Mirella was professional and a true expert in the field. In this new virtual environment, we wanted to provide a space to support our employees and the wellness webinars did just that. The team was easy to work with and adapted to all our

Première directrice, Développement organisationnel mondial, Finance

Dans le contexte de la pandémie où l’incertitude et l’ambiguïté ont été exacerbés, nous souhaitions offrir à nos gestionnaires des outils pour reconnaître et gérer les signes de stress, ainsi qu’à nos employés des moyens pour développer leur résilience. Dr. Mirella De Civita nous a guidés dans l’élaboration et la diffusion d’ateliers qui ont reçu un bel accueil et démontré que l’organisation se souciait du bien-être de son actif le plus

Engineering Executive, Aerospace

I was overwhelmed, year-end rush, yes 2020 THE year, and then was asked to add another item to the list… to lead a discussion panel on Leadership during the pandemic with the executive team… I said yes. I said yes because I was doing this with someone who knew what she was talking about, someone who had wisdom, profound knowledge and broad data to talk about this intelligently in an inspiring way. I knew that with her we would deliver something that could make a difference to someone. Through her feedback, supportive effort and effective brainstorming we had a game plan and we delivered! Could not have asked for a better partner on this! Mirella, thank you for being there. You made a

Executive Director, Talent Management, People & Culture

We have been working with Papillon MDC for many years on a number of different initiatives. Dr. Mirella Di Civita is an exceptional psychologist, and executive coach who works with C-suite and other senior executive teams transform and work at an optimal level. One of our recent projects was at the onset of the pandemic, as everyone felt the constraints of suddenly being thrust into a remote work context. During a period when many felt destabilized and perhaps discouraged, leaders had a double-duty of managing and motivating teams. We asked Dr. Di Civita for help and she quickly developed a customized webinar series, in both French and English, to help managers lead effectively from a distance. Each session addressed a specific topic followed by a group discussion. Word spread quickly and participation grew as the series evolved. We are very grateful for the opportunity to work with Dr. Di Civita and for her professionalism, pragmatism and tremendous business

Maria Valerio, Former Vice President Quality and EH&S (retired) – Pratt & Whitney Canada

Mirella is a source of strength and knowledge for personal and career transformational changes. Over the years, she has partnered with me and my team for leadership development, which allowed us to build a high performing culture that has powered business optimization and growth. From a business perspective, her extensive knowledge, expertise and experience with executives and their teams led to changes in mindset, how people show up for conversations, and improved individual and team performances. She is an amazing business partner! She is surrounded by an amazing team of professionals that provide executive coaching and master a complete suite of development tools to address any business/ personal

Director, NTD Apparel

I’ve had the opportunity to see Stefano shine first as a leadership facilitator (mainly on strategic thinking for leaders) and then also as a coach. As a facilitator, his ability to teach and engage people is incredible. As a coach, he’s an amazing listener who knows how to get you thinking differently so you’ll get unstuck. Great learning either way. He helped me so much in so many ways. His work at Papillon MDC is a vocation and passion.

Manager at Alstom Transport, Brazil

I must say that this entire leadership program experience including the group coaching and 2-day event was very valuable for me and I continue to practice the elements learned and refer back to my notes and the content time and time again. There are many moments to reflect on my development that I didn’t make time for when distracted by day-to-day tasks. I can only say that I am extremely grateful for Stefano and Mirella. Agradecido!

Manager at Alstom Transport

Before I experienced this Leadership program with Papillon MDC, I was very skeptical about learning about leadership. I didn’t have high expectations. In all honesty, I felt that true leaders were natural-born leaders and I didn’t feel that my skillset included the skills that “real” leaders are expected to demonstrate. To my surprise, I loved this learning experience and I can confidently say that today, I recognize that I AM a leader and I feel motivated to continue to learn, grow, and work on my leadership which was not something I ever made time for before. I also didn’t understand or take action on my leadership challenges before. This program opened my eyes. Thank you so much Stefano and Mirella! You both are true professionals with incredible energy and an ability to share knowledge and your expertise in the most insightful and entertaining of ways both virtually and in person. I would love to experience more learning with Papillon MDC because as Stefano said many times, leadership is about staying curious and lifelong learning and not merely a means to an end.

Irazema Silva Ramirez, Americas Change Management & Transformation Leader, Transportation Sector

Stefano & Mirella, I would like to take this opportunity to express my profound gratitude for this incredible adventure. Throughout my career, I’ve participated in multiple leadership training programs. However, I must sincerely share that, for me, this experience stands out as the best. What makes it truly special is the integration of coaching principles into practical application. Both of you not only encouraged us to reflect but also to take meaningful actions based on those reflections. I’ve seized this opportunity to enhance my knowledge, and I am committed to becoming a better leader than I was before. The insights gained from this training will undoubtedly continue to guide me as I navigate the path of leadership, fostering a spirit of continuous learning, and I believe this will be useful for me in future roles. 

P.S. Stefano, I liked the use of your drawings/images in your presentations.

Graciela Trillanes, Chief Comercial Officer, Chicago Heights

I had the opportunity to experience a Papillon MDC leadership program for 7 months with Stefano as the lead facilitator/coach. It was an honor to participate in the program. He was focused on your growth as a person, and as a leader, and ultimately, on how this can impact better team engagement and results. He helped me have hard conversations with myself as well as difficult conversations with the members of my team. During our sessions, we put a plan together for improving as leaders, and then as time progressed, we reviewed what was working and wasn’t working as well, along with the adjustments that we needed to implement to improve. Also during the workshops, he presented case studies and even a few parables. The one story that stuck with me, was the indigenous story of the 2 wolves; I continually think of this one as a reminder on both a professional level as well in my personal life. His group coaching sessions helped me to take the hard decisions, and today, I continue to use the learning and insights.  I am sure that I will continue growing as a leader and thank you Stefano & the Papillon team for all your time and support. If you have the opportunity to work with Stefano as your development facilitator or coach, do not hesitate, he is great! A sincere thank you to Mirella as well, Stefano and Mirella made such a great team in Melbourne! 

Sebastien Guy, Requirements Analyst

Completed Navigational Conversations training with the amazing Stefano Di Lollo. Learning new skills and putting names on things we already instinctively do (to some extent) helps us reinforce and perfect our skills all while making us better employees, better colleagues, & better leaders. Keep growing.

Samuel, Director

I highly recommend this training, I found the content that was shared was very helpful to put into practice. Stefano (the facilitator) was very engaging, and interesting. I really like that he was able to share his own past experiences (both the good & bad), which helped relate the theory to practice. A very good experience all in all!

Engineering Specialist

Thank you very much to Stefano Di Lollo & Papillon, this training was very useful and provided a lot to think about. Stefano was great at understanding participants’ questions + concerns and outstandingly provided well-informed responses and helpful recommendations. 

Manager, MTL

Every new manager should definitely take this course! That having been said, even though the program description indicates that the course is designed for managers, I believe that this course is valuable to ALL employees at all levels.  It is extremely important to learn how to receive and provide feedback. Thank you so much!

Manager & Leader, Engineering

Thank you! This is a very interesting and useful training. I REALLY enjoyed and appreciated Stefano’s approach and dynamism. The exchanges among participants were also very useful.

Manager, Aerospace Industry

Great learning with many real-world examples. I certainly learned many new things and it was a real eye-opener with respect to “blind spots.”  Thank you, Stefano! 

Executive, CBC/Radio-Canada

This testimony is a little tardy, but better late than never. I’ve had at least a couple of opportunities to participate in Papillon MDC’s workshops led by Stefano Di Lollo. His energy, enthusiasm, thought-provoking content, and creativity, make any corporate event or ‘leadership summit’ a valuable learning experience.

Executive, Aerospace Sector

Thank you Stefano for all your guidance over the past several months, especially during those challenging moments. I remain grateful and truly appreciate how you allowed me to become more reflective and self-aware.  I credit our work together as the spark that I needed for my professional growth while simultaneously strengthening my relationships with colleagues, peers, and direct reports. I also appreciate your creative flair. I’ve recently been able to advance my career to a new level, and I truly believe our work together made this milestone become a reality. I continue to think back to our work to this day and it continues to help me move forward. 

Lina Borrelli

I had the pleasure of attending a virtual session on Asking Questions and Coaching hosted by Stefano Di Lollo. It was awesome. Enlightening and great tips and tools provided. Definitely something I can apply in my day-to-day! Stefano is a dynamic speaker and really kept our attention. Highly recommend: great topic, great speaker and affordable. [Google Maps Review]

Jennifer Neveu, Director of Marketing & Product Development, Masdel Inc.

I really love the Papillon MDC approach to leadership development. Their programs are well planned, easy to understand, unintimidating, and offer a wealth of knowledge to help sharpen and hone new skills. As a young leader, my goal is to continuously improve my leadership skills and notions to be the best I can be for both myself and my team.

I had the opportunity to take the ‘Leading Teams: QUESTIONING LIKE A COACH’​ live training webinar with Stefano Di Lollo. Aside from Stefano’s excellent presentation and pedagogy skills, he found a way of having us all participate and feel comfortable in doing so. Most importantly, I left that session feeling more empowered and ready to be a better leader with more tools in my toolbox.

I highly recommend these workshops. They can be easily booked into your busy calendar ahead of time and I guarantee you will walk away having learned a thing or two.

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C.J., Director, H-Qc

Over the past two years, I have had the privilege of being coached by Stefano Di Lollo in my development as the leader of a large-scale technology project. Through our conversations, reflections, and discussions, I have learned to know myself better and to target actions that make a difference. Among other things, we particularly worked on collaboration in difficult situations while exploring ways to support other leaders within my organization to help them perform. Through his very human approach, his illustrations, and his experience, Stefano demonstrated his coaching knowledge with me and allowed me to see how to put the strategies I explored into practice. Thank you for this precious time spent together that made me grow as a leader!

Leader, Aerospace Industry

One of the BEST training programs I’ve experienced over the past 5 years. I wish I had this training in one of my MBA classes years ago or early in my career. Thank you, Stefano! 

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