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Senior Executive

The Alignment Project is a wonderful process with wonderful facilitation. Really assisted in setting the course with responsibilities and roles for our team.


The program (The Alignment Project) was well organized and focused on ensuring that the team collaboration and understanding of each other was paramount. Our facilitator was extremely good at challenging our assumptions and holding up a mirror, when necessary.

Senior Leader

The Alignment Project Program was very helpful in identifying key issues and constructive solutions. Particularly effective in creating a shift in communication styles and understanding. Mirella did a superb job herding the cats and adding insights. Wonderful facilitation and having all engaged. The wordsmithing of the leadership team charter was very well done.

Daniela Beltran Jimanez, Co-President of The John Molson School of Business Women in Leadership (JMWL), Concordia University

Stefano, thank you once again for your invaluable contribution to yesterday’s “Success Masterclass” event. Your role as a speaker and workshop facilitator was nothing short of extraordinary, and I am sincerely thankful for the immense value you brought to the entire experience. All the students greatly appreciated your exceptional speaking skills and the invaluable content shared during the workshop. Your insights have left a lasting impression and contributed significantly to their learning experience. Thank you for your outstanding contribution! Let’s explore more opportunities in the future!

Manager at Pratt & Whitney Canada

This training was very useful for me and it exceeded my expectations.  I also enjoyed the learning experience and I will consider having people on my team take it. I’d love to keep practicing the conversation model with other people who were in the course. Please keep doing what you do, Stefano.

F.E-M., Power Management Specialist, Pratt & Whitney Canada

Stefano, I wanted to take a moment to express my appreciation for the training program you conducted at Pratt. I was impressed by your expertise and engaging teaching style, therefore I could not even have a moment without the curiosity for what is next. Your passion, patience, and knowledge were contagious and I was inspired and actively engaged. Thank you once again for this wonderful training experience.

Jeff F., nventive

This was a highly engaging learning opportunity for me, providing a chance to establish connections and engage with my new peers. The discussions on shared leadership challenges, emphasizing the concept of “oneness” as highlighted by Stefano, were particularly meaningful. This experience enabled us to put our learning into action through practical examples. I found the Papillon MDC case studies as pre-work valuable, and Stefano’s creative teaching style was genuinely appreciated.

Associate Director, Supply Chain Operations, Pratt & Whitney Canada

Of the many trainings that I’ve experienced over the years, this was easily my favourite series. While it was done remotely, there was still a great sense of togetherness and attention given to all participants. It was evident that the training itself was catered to our realities and real-world examples were always front and center. Stefano was an incredibly approachable trainer and used the breakout rooms very effectively while leading great discussions during the group coaching. I would consider myself lucky to experience additional Papillon-led training sessions in the future.

SM Manager, P&WC

I really liked the content, strategies, and the facilitator-coach (Stefano).

Supervisor, Pratt & Whitney Canada

This training came at the perfect time because soon after, I stepped into my new role, and I continue to develop the leadership skills we learned (on a daily basis) and it’s going great.  We are a team of 3 supervisors in my department and we all support each other to the point where we practice delivering messages and communicating effectively to our teams with each other first. Thanks, Stefano. I’ve already recommended Papillon MDC leadership programs to others.

Supply Management Specialist, PWC

My enthusiasm for this program was high from the start and I’m happy to say that I learned so much over several months.  I really liked the content but enjoyed the group coaching even more because it gave me a chance to share challenges specifically with managing relationships with suppliers. I’m still learning and practicing. I still refer to the program manuals for review.

Executive, CBC/Radio-Canada, Finance Dept.

I just wanted to reach out and say thank you for starting us off on the right foot this week! I believe you set the tone for what was an excellent mini-leadership summit for our finance department. Excellent content and a great learning experience with the exercises. This was very unique and I’d love to find ways to get my direct reports involved. Merci, Stefano. 

Executive Director, CBC / Finance Department

It was wonderful meeting you and experiencing your energy and knowledge in Toronto earlier this week, Stefano. Our department leaders have not had an opportunity to reunite for several years and you were precisely what we needed to jolt us with your unique approach that got us all so engaged in the most creative of ways! Your work at Papillon MDC is both important and impactful. I look forward to the next opportunity to work with you (maybe in Montreal next time).

Supply Chain Specialist, Pratt & Whitney

I recommend this program as I enjoyed it very much. Some of Stefano’s presentation slides have powerful visuals. This is very helpful for stimulating thought and remembering the learning moments. The digital manual is also very helpful for this reason. I’ve never truly enjoyed virtual learning, but this was next level. I originally felt too busy for a workshop at this time of the year, but I’m so glad that I did it in the end. Thank you.

Senior Project Manager, PWC

After this program, I was able to connect many different items that were not aligned with my thought process while giving feedback. Also, the appropriate method of receiving feedback was not something I’ve truly leveraged for my own growth. The 10% more and less approach is amazing and already started to apply it with my co-manager and boss. It is a lot less invasive and focused on small portions. Changing our approach when we give feedback to make sure we properly prepare before the feedback process even takes place is great. I realized that I need to put more focus on making my direct report(s) understand the intent of my sharing of feedback. I want to thank Stefano for his captivating way and for sharing his experiences as a leader and executive coach. I’d like more information about Navigational Conversations if possible.

Manager, Pratt & WC

I’ve experienced Stefano as a facilitator before and am glad I chose this program as he was the facilitator for this one too. Very interesting course, it helps to model the way we ask and give feedback. 

Team Lead, Aerospace Industry

This is an excellent program that made me self-reflect as an individual on how to receive feedback and how to give it. It really makes a change in how you communicate and create an impact at work and in your life. Thanks, Stefano!

Manager, P&WC

I loved Stefano’s dynamism along with his real-life stories and examples about both giving and receiving feedback. His experiences make everything so real and practical. I’m extremely satisfied with this program!

Samuel, P&WC

I highly recommend this training, I found the content that was shared was very helpful to put in practice. Stefano (the facilitator) was extremely engaging and very interesting. I really like that he was able to share past experiences (good or bad), which helped relate the theory to practice. A VERY good experience all in all!

PDM, Engineering, Alstom

I know I’ve just begun this leadership program, but after the 1st module on understanding with empathy, I’m already finding this experience so insightful. Your reputation precedes you, Stefano. What a great job so far! The learning is as interesting as it is fun right out of the gate, and I feel lucky to have been selected by Alstom to be a part of this. I can’t wait for the rest to unfold.

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