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The BrandYOU! Positioning Yourself as a Buyer in the Market™ program aims at helping leaders shift their mindset from seeing themselves as a “product” to seeing themselves as “buyers” of their next job position. Far too often job seekers position themselves as a product where recruiters get to weigh the pros and cons of them being hired. This leads to a sense of disempowerment, which contributes to hasty decision-making. When leaders learn how to position themselves as successful buyers of their next job position, they are more effective at communicating their capabilities, skills and competencies. They, in essence, become the decision-makers of the “fit”.

Target audience: All leaders, regardless of their position, who are currently seeking their next career opportunity.

Goal: By shifting mindset from product to buyer, leaders learn how to position their skills, knowledge, and experience in a manner that places them in the driver’s seat during job interviews. They learn how to ask powerful questions during the interview process to determine whether the job is a cultural fit for them.

Benefits: Leaders gain awareness of how to hold productive conversations during the interview process, which can inform their decision-making process. They also become more effective at marketing themselves by creating a unique position in the recruiter’s mind; thereby, producing a lasting impression.

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The cost of attending the workshop is $848.00 (Including 6% administration fee) plus applicable Quebec sales taxes. Cancelation must take place at least 48 hours before to the first day of training. Participants are charged 30% of the total cost($240.00) when cancelations take place within 24hr period.

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